Mia Byrne

I first went to Adams Sports Medicine & PT when I injured my Achilles tendon while training for Ironman Mont Tremblant. I had the opportunity to work with Hannah, and she really took the time to explain the science behind my injury.

Hannah always made me feel like I would successfully complete the race. She remained positive that if I followed our treatment plan I would overcome the injury. She was right.

I finished the race without pain and signed up for another Ironman the following year. Everyone at ASMPT takes a great personal interest in their patients and are very knowledgeable in their field. It is clear they want their patients to have success, whether it is achieving a race goal or living a pain-free life.

John Sloan

Adams Sports Medicine & PT was integral in helping me achieve a large lifetime sports goal of completing a 100-mile race in the summer of 2018.

Hannah worked directly with me all summer. The knowledge she provided form her own experience as an accomplished runner and triathlete was invaluable.

The personalized service you receive at ASMPT makes you feel like family. The entire staff is so friendly and professional and they truly want to see you succeed! Thank you, Adams Sports Medicine!

Alexey Vermeulen

From the first moment that I met Brian, I was drawn by his desire to help people.

As my career as a professional cyclist has progressed and grown, I have encountered injuries and obstacles of varying degrees. During those hard times, Brian and his team have constantly reminded me that injuries do not have to be moments of hindrance but can be the foundations for the strengthening/rebuilding process.

The family atmosphere at ASMPT is motivating and helps you to forget the pain you might be feeling in the moment and put your focus on moving forward.

Roman Kryzanowski

As athletes wanting to perform at an elite level, we have to keep in mind that recovery plays a big role in our performance. I rely on Brian and his crew to analyze the injury and help me to recover quickly in order to race another day.

Over the years, the staff at ASMPT have really taken care of me and allowed me to perform at my best.

Amanda Habbouche

I went to Adams Sports Medicine & PT after being told by a podiatrist that I could not run for several weeks and that my injury would only continue to worsen. Brian not only helped me recover quickly from the injury, but he also educated me on what was really going on with my injury and how to prevent it in the future.

Now I am a happy athlete that can run as much as I want to and work toward achieving competitive goals!

Chad Mahakian

Swimming, cycling, running and being active is my passion. While pursuing this passion over the years, I have had my fair share of injuries.

When injuries do occur, I go to ASMPT where they use their knowledge and experience to get me back to what I am most passionate about. This is because their passion is helping people get back to doing the activities they love!

Scott Hoffner

Adams Sports Medicine & PT gives me the support needed to reach peak performance and achieve the goals I set season after season. In many sports, and specifically my primary focus of cycling, the body takes on a large amount of repetitive stress which can result in overuse injuries.

ASMPT has helped me work through a broken clavicle, tendinitis in various locations, bike fit, flexibility, and leg length discrepancies. This is why my continued partnership with ASMPT is critical.

The partnership we share is ongoing and a pivotal piece of my training. The staff is always friendly and accessible. They listen and work with me to create a plan designed for my goals and lifestyle.

Nathalie Gardon

The team at Adams Sports Medicine & PT has helped me heal several sports injuries. They took the time to educate me on how to properly do my exercises and prevent the injuries from recurring.

I always walk out of the clinic with an effective therapy plan and a renewed feeling of optimism. Everyone at ASMPT is extremely knowledgeable and you can always expect the very best!

Melissa Christensen

The staff at Adams Sports Medicine & PT has helped me overcome injuries and achieve my athletic goals. Their knowledge and unique experience in endurance training helped me get back to running and complete my race goals.

Stretching, dry needling, AlterG training, and a personalized home exercise program helped me run my fastest marathon time ever! I am so thankful for Brian, Hannah, and Katie who understand my goals and how important it is to be able to do the activities I love!

Matthew Gapinski

For a couple of years now, the team at Adams Sports Medicine & PT has played a key role in helping me achieve my goals through injury prevention and treatment.

They always keep me motivated to work through injuries and educate me on how to prevent new ones!