Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


At Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, we are experts in sports and orthopedic injuries, as well as post-operative care.

Our board-certified, licensed physical therapists take a hands-on approach to injury treatment and prevention, creating individualized treatment plans for each patient. By targeting the source of pain and dysfunction, they help patients eliminate pain, restore function, and prevent future injury.

Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


Our physical therapy patients have access to the same cutting-edge treatment techniques, technology, and equipment we use to help elite-level athletes perform better.

Trigger Point Dry Needling is one of those solutions. It's a tool we use to help patients struggling with muscle pain and knots optimize their recovery. The treatment uses monofilament needles to directly stimulate tight muscle bands (aka "trigger points").

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Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


Our physical therapy team can evaluate and treat your injury without a prescription due to a Michigan law enacted in 2015. You can call us to make an appointment just as you would call to see your dentist. Rest assured that if your injury or condition has not been evaluated prior to seeing us and needs further assessment or treatment, we can refer you to a specialist as needed and assist you in getting the appointments you need for optimal care.

We understand that your insurance may dictate your level of physical therapy coverage. For that reason, we conduct a brief "pre-screen" of your insurance as a courtesy. We also offer flexible self-pay options for new and existing patients.