Welcome to Adams Sports Medicine, where we offer advanced treatments like dry needling to support athlete performance and recovery.

Dry needling involves the precise insertion of fine needles into soft tissue trigger points or tight bands within muscles, releasing tension and promoting healing.

Benefits for athletes include:

  1. Reduced muscle pain and stiffness
  2. Improved flexibility and range of motion
  3. Enhanced muscle function and performance
  4. Accelerated recovery from injuries

Experience the benefits of dry needling at Adams Sports Medicine and unleash your athletic potential.

Blood Flow Restriction


Adams Sports Medicine utilizes cutting-edge techniques like blood flow restriction (BFR) training to optimize athlete performance.

This training modality is used to stimulate strength gains and promote healing without putting excess stress through the targeted limb(s). This is accomplished by decreasing blood flow to the limb using a cuff that applies external pressure. A decrease in oxygenated blood to the extremity triggers a release of growth hormone that will help stimulate muscle growth. Taking advantage of this response within the muscle and pairing it with low load resistance training has similar effects as a session of higher load resistance training without BFR. Using this strategy during a patient’s rehabilitation allows for increased muscle strength and accelerations in recovery without compromising the healing tissue. You will see BFR being used with most patient populations, including postoperative patients and high-level athletes.

Benefits for athletes include:

  1. Enhanced muscle growth and strength
  2. Improved endurance and recovery
  3. Efficient rehabilitation post-injury
  4. Accelerated gains with lighter loads

Unlock your full potential with BFR training at Adams Sports Medicine.

Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


A few millimeters and a few degrees can make all the difference, which is why bike fitting is essential for all levels of cyclists.

Bike fitting optimizes comfort while decreasing wear and tear on your body, leading to more comfort and less injury. We also offer shoe/pedal assessments, shoe/cleat shims and wedges, and 1-on-1 assessments to offer cyclists the best possible balance of comfort and performance.

Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


A Running Gait Analysis will help you run farther, faster, and with less pain. Schedule a 1-on-1 session with our experts, complete with video capture, to help you correct common running faults and optimize your technique.

Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


Want to go farther or faster? Our Performance Testing and Blood Lactate Testing will help you be smarter with your training time.

Whether you want to beat your personal best or win your next marathon, our testing will show you where to push and where to pull back in your training so you can be your fastest.

Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy


The benefits of foot orthotics are well known, but off-the-rack solutions don't always provide the right fit.

Our custom foot orthotics are hand-fabricated to the exact specifications you need to feel and perform your best.

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Are your movement patterns putting you at risk of injury? FMS is a functional movement screen that tests and scores seven fundamental movements that are key to daily life, as well as athletic performance.

We grade and evaluate the quality of each movement to help you build a balanced training program that boosts overall strength, coordination, and injury prevention. FMS scores also serve as a baseline that can be used over time to evaluate improvement.