Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy offers a twelve-month Sports Physical Therapy Residency to physical therapists looking to advance their knowledge and training in sports physical therapy. The residency started in August 2024, and one resident is accepted annually for the program. Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Sports Residency has been granted candidacy by ABPTRFE, and is currently in the accreditation process.


Residents will immerse themselves into sports physical therapy through advanced clinical training, mentoring, a didactic curriculum, and sports venue coverage that will give them the tools to excel as a sports physical therapist. All of these learning opportunities will prepare them for the American Physical Therapy Board of Specialists Sports Physical Therapy Certification exam.

Residents will be involved in direct clinical care, one-on-one mentoring, coursework involving lectures/research/podcasts, sports medicine physician and surgery observation, teaching Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy staff members and DPT students, and educating local sports communities.


The mission of the Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy Sports Residency is to provide advanced, evidence-based didactic instruction alongside clinical training in sports physical therapy. Our goal is to develop leaders in sports physical therapy who are committed to enhancing the lives of athletes through patient-centered care from acute injuries to return to sport.


  • 32 hours of patient care hours/week at one of our outpatient sports medicine clinics (Novi, Royal Oak, Plymouth) where the resident will see around 60% sports cases. This includes athletes ranging from recreational to professional, and a wide variety of ages, sports, and diagnoses.
  • 200+ hours of one-on-one mentoring with one of our SCS or OCS clinicians.
  • 300+ educational hours that involve didactic coursework such as lectures, research, podcasts, presenting in-services, capstone project, and educating local sports communities.
  • 200+ hours of sports event coverage. This includes a diverse range of sporting events. Some examples of coverage include the Detroit Marathon, local endurance events, Lexus Velodrome track cycling, collegiate athletic training room, and the USA Hockey National Team Development Program.
  • Bi-monthly sports medicine physician and surgical observation.


  1. Provide consistent and high quality learning across all clinical environments.
  2. Provide a didactic and clinical curriculum that provides innovative education on the learning domains within the Description of Residency Practice of Sports Physical Therapy.
  3. Gain ABPTRFE accreditation in the initial year, and maintain accreditation in subsequent years.
  4. The program faculty, mentors, and resident will engage in community service, patient advocacy, and leadership in sports physical therapy.
  5. During the 3 year following graduation, graduates demonstrate continued growth in the sport physical therapy profession.
  6. Prepare the resident to pursue ABPTS certification in sports physical therapy


  1. Provide the highest quality, evidence-based patient care using advanced clinical knowledge and reasoning, consistent with specialist level practice, in diverse populations with a variety of injuries as described in the current Sports DRP.
  2. Demonstrate accurate performance of all elements of the patient management model (examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, intervention, and outcomes) in sports physical therapy at the specialist level.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to work in an inter-disciplinary team environment to provide and manage care for a wide diversity of sports-related patients across a variety of practice settings.
  4. Demonstrate skills of leadership, service, and advocacy at the local, state, or national level to elevate the knowledge and care of patients in sports physical therapy.
  5. Provide effective teaching and communication to patients, peers, students, and the sports community.
  6. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary for successful completion of SCS examination.


Applicants must have an unencumbered physical therapy license, or the ability to obtain, in Michigan. Also, applicants must either have a current ATC designation or proof of acute injury and illness requirement (or provide a plan for completion before the residency program starts).

Applications open October 1st, 2024. Interested individuals can fill out an application through RF-PTCAS. Applications for the 2025-2026 residency are due by January 1, 2025.


Please email the program director, Dr. Hannah DePaul, [email protected] with any further questions.