Taking better care of your athletic body…

Jim Vance wrote an interesting piece on the TrainingPeaks website this fall. It outlines 10 of the more common “self destructive” things that we do as athletes. He directs it to endurance athletes, but this can apply to just about any athlete that is conducting focused, intensive and repetitive exercise as their dive head-long into their season.

This summary comes at a good time in the “off-season” to review and refresh. (Off-season in Michigan often means 6+ months of snow/cold!)

If you haven’t done so already, take a look at Jim’s article, and take a moment to make some notes and curtail your training plan.

(C) Erika Fulk

When it comes to sports medicine, we take a very multidisciplinary approach to treating our patients. That means we look beyond the obvious injury or pain and delve into the broader components of training, periodization, zone-based programs, functional movement screens, biomechanical analysis (bike fit, running/gait analysis), etc. We utilize industry focused tools such as TrainingPeaks training programs, BikeFit fitting tools for cyclists/triathletes, LactatePro and Hemoglobin analyzers, Fastech Orthotics, and UberSense video capture.

We are sending you positive energy to help ensure that 2015 is your most successful season yet! Let us know if we can help you!