Physical Therapy: No prescription required!

Happy New Year! MV__6944 (2)

2014 was an amazing year for us here, and the clinic continues to grow and our satisfied patients are getting back to their sports and reaching their goals!

2015 brings with it a new “win” for PT clinics and patients in the state of Michigan: easier access to PT services. The new law, that went into place January 1st, 2015, allows patients/athletes to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without a prescription from their physician. This is similar to our patients going to their dentist for treatment…simply make an appointment. One of the news channels in the Grand Rapids area did a little spot on this a few days ago: VIDEO.


A few things to keep in mind, as these are things that we will adhere to at Adams Sports Medicine:


  1. We can evaluate and treat your condition/injury without a prescription from your physician…but our clinical policy is that we will create a plan of care with the physician’s input, so your primary care or ortho doc will know/understand what our plan is for the course of treatment.


  1. We will refer you to a specialist as indicated…if your injury/condition has not been evaluated prior to coming here, rest assured that if there is something that needs further assessment or treatment, we will assist you in getting the appointments you need for optimal care.


  1. You can initiate your own care, to which ever clinic you prefer. We suggest you come to us, of course…but understand that your insurance may dictate what clinic you go to or how many visits are covered. This is one reason why we, as a courtesy, will conduct an brief “pre-screen” of your insurance and educate you on what your benefits are, and what (possible) out of pocket expense you may incur. 


So, when in doubt, give our clinic a call. We are experts in orthopaedic injuries, and we specialize in individualized care for our patients and athletes.