Martin Vecchio Photography

Martin Vecchio: professional photographer

We had a remarkable guest in our “house” today….Martin Vecchio of  Martin Vecchio Photography.  He came to do a photo shoot for promotional and instructional photos of our clinic and treatments. With the help of my friend and crossfitter Lisa E., and a half-a-day’s worth of shooting, we pulled off a remarkable cache of photos.


I figured the process would fall somewhere between Martin with his iPhone 5s shooting stills and snapshots….to something out of an Austin Powers movie (need a refresher?):


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What I experienced was so much more. He is organized, calculated, and efficient. Better yet, this guy is AWESOME at what he does: taking pictures that capture the essence of the moment, or even more-so, influences the moment. His studies of light and it’s affect on his subjects is nothing short of perfect. And in the realm of perfection, you could tell that Martin was working hard in his mind to get the right shot, right light and capture the scene without getting bogged down in the process.


What made the process more interesting was how interested he was in what we do here in the clinic and our evidenced-based thought processes behind treatments and modalities. I’d like to think that he came away from the experience well-versed in what we offer our patients and athletes here at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy!


As we continue to grow our practice and our presence in the Novi community and  surrounding areas, we look forward to utilizing Martin’s expertise in showcasing what we do here at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. His photos will also assist in educational materials that we utilize in presentations to other health care professionals, local students and our colleagues.


If you are interested to hear more about what Martin can do for you with some professional photography, start by checking out some samples of his work in HOUR Magazine (Here and Here) or on his website.



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