How safe is cycling?

IN a recent blog/post by New York Times writer Gian Kolata, the concept of safety in cycling is discussed. And with good merit. It is a good read, complete with statistics and insight from well-respected medical professionals.

One consideration I would like to add is that the mechanism of injury (MOI) for many cycling injuries is overlooked. In the article, it is assumed that the MOI for cycling is traumatic in nature, as in a collision or fall. Yet they compare this to running (stress fractures) and swimming (rotator cuff tendinitis), which are typically non-traumatic.

Unlike injuries in other sports — a stress fracture from running or a rotator cuff tear from swimming — cycling injuries do not come on gradually.

Many cycling MOIs are repetitive-use, over-use or cumulative load injuries resulting in inflamed tissues, soft tissue compression, tendinitis and often times tendinosis. A significant amount of these are preventable with a well structured training plan (with focus on hydration/nutrition and recovery), proper bike fit and special attention to the any of the cyclist’s biomechanical faults.

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