Dr. Hannah DePaul answers: When is it ok to train through pain?

Check out our latest video from Dr. Hannah DePaul! Hannah answers a question that she hears frequently from the endurance athletes she treats: When is it ok to train through pain? 

Hannah – Ironman, triathlete, and elite-level runner – knows what it’s like to train, compete, and suffer injuries, which makes her an expert on this topic. She is passionate about helping people reach their goals and dedicated to helping our patients prevent future injury and enjoy the activities they love. 

All that said…during this challenging time – it is easy for many of us to feel unmotivated to train with races cancelled and so much preparation that is seemingly all for nothing. But it is NOT for nothing! What we are training for is life; to be strong when we are faced with obstacles, to have hope to carry us through difficult times, to be able to endure the tough times that make the good times that much better. Keep training, stay positive, and stay healthy!