Dr. Hannah DePaul qualifies for Ironman Kona World Championships 2017



Last weekend Dr. Hannah DePaul charged out of the water after a 2.5 mile swim leading an entire field of Pro and Elite level triathletes, on her way to second place overall in her age group. She was 12th overall for all women and top 100 for all participants, including professional triathletes. She was there alongside many of our friends, athletes/patients who have all trained a multitude of hours to even make it to the starting line.

This 10+ hour effort netted her a qualifying spot for the 2017 Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. This is an amazing feat of athletic effort on her part.

As a Team here at Adams Sports Medicine, we are all very proud of Hannah’s efforts and accomplishments, and look forward to continuing to support her efforts, and the efforts of all of our athletes!

Grand Rapids Triathlon – 1/2 Ironman



Sometimes it pays to set goals and get outside your comfort zone. It creates accountability. It creates structure and focus.

It can also create fear, stress and anxiety. That is why so many people fail to push their limits.

Best of luck to all of our staff (Hannah and Brian) and countless patients, athletes and training partners that will be pushing their limits and getting outside of their comfort zone this weekend at the Grand Rapids Triathlon. Whether it is the sprint distance, aquaman, Olympic or Half Ironman distances, our staff will be sending you positive energy and good cheers!