Innovations in Cycling Lecture @ Chrysler World Headquarters

In keeping with our community outreach and injury prevention, Dr. Brian Adams spoke to a group of 150 Chrysler employees during a “lunch and learn” at the FCA / Chrysler / Fiat Headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI.

The sold-out event was directed specifically to cyclists and how to optimize training, improve cycling form and address injury prevention through off season training. Time was also spent outlining the benefits of a professional bike fit.

Dr. Adams discussed the basic anatomy, biomechanics and physiology of cycling, and how to best utilize the off season to address soft tissue and strength issues with off-the-bike training and mobility.

Just one of the many ways our team is effective at treating sports injuries after they occur… but we are also doing our best to prevent them!


Chrysler Cycling Presentation

Dr. Adams speaking to cyclists at the Fiat/Chrysler Headquarters in Auburn Hills, MI


We do our best to give back…

When it comes to clinical practice, the focus is always on the patient. Our team at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy strives to deliver the best care that is supported by outcomes and current concepts supported by literature.

Sometimes we are involved in assisting and conducting clinical and lab-based research. As of today, Dr. Adams is part of a team from Wayne State University that conducted research on the efficacy of utilizing mobile devices (in the clinic and in the field) for assessing gait. The process was to establish a protocol to further improve the accuracy of utilizing mobile apps in the physical therapy clinician. The article was accepted for publication in the Journal of Visualized Experiments.

The article is published here:

Video Movement Analysis Using Smartphones (ViMAS): A Pilot Study

1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1

1Physical Therapy Program, Department of Healthcare Sciences, Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Wayne State University, 2Adams Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy


Finkbiner, M. J., Gaina, K. M., McRandall, M. C., Wolf, M. M., Pardo, V. M., Reid, K., et al. Video Movement Analysis Using Smartphones (ViMAS): A Pilot Study. J. Vis. Exp. (121), e54659, doi:10.3791/54659 (2017).

Dr. Brian Adams along with a team of docs from Wayne State University conducting clinical research

Meeting of the minds: Wayne State University professors and students combine powers with Adams Sports Medicine to establish a research protocol.

But there is more to what we do at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. We are active with our local universities hosting clinical doctorate students completing their final clinical rotations. We support physical therapy doctorate programs from the University of Michigan – Flint, Grand Valley State University, Wayne State University and Oakland University. We support Eastern Michigan University, GVSU and UM exercise physiology programs by hosting sports medicine clinical interns. We conduct guest lectures at these same universities. Our own Dr. Adams is an Adjunct Clinical Faculty at the University of Michigan – Flint PT program.

We are also one of the select clinics that offer an Orthopedic Residency Program affiliated with the University of Michigan – Flint Physical Therapy Program. This one of a kind program offers licensed physical therapists the opportunity to further their careers in orthopedics by studying under seasoned clinical specialists and attending classes at the University of Michigan to best prepare them for the ABPTS Orthopedic Board Examination.

Beyond that, we partner with the Novi and Northville High Schools to offer school credit for sports medicine observation, and provide guest lectures to their medical careers and Sports Medicine IB programs. We also act as mentors and sponsors for the Novi HOSA chapter, who continue to exceed expectations at the local and state level.

In short: we do our best every day to not only help our patients, but to help our community. We are leaders in our profession, and continue to foster growth in learning at all stages of the physical therapy and sports medicine curriculum. We are “Athletes Treating Athletes”, but we are also doctors of physical therapy leading the way for future clinicians.

Dr. Brian Adams on the cover of Rehab Management magazine talking about bike fit and sports medicine

Dr. Brian Adams on the cover of Rehab Management Magazine

Year End Discount! Bike Fitting, AlterG, Normatec, Marc Pro

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Winter = off-season training, both indoors and out

It’s wintertime in Michigan. As outdoor athletes, we need to adapt to our surroundings. I was recently commissioned to write an article for Physical Therapy Products magazine. With so much to say and so little space, I do my best to identify some of the perspective we take as sports medicine specialists in the physical therapy world. If you are going to the annual APTA CSM meeting in California this week, you will see the magazine available throughout the convention. If you are less fortunate and remain here in Michigan in the cold and snow, then feel free to download a digital copy of the article found here: COLD WEATHER WARRIORS.

Winter is not a season, it’s an occupation.

-Sinclair Lewis




What is a “Sports Injury”

In the confluence of sports and medicine, we can anticipate that there will tend to be a disconnect between athlete and medical practitioner. Either because of a lack of understanding from both parties, or simply a lack of similar dialogue and verbiage. In a recent article “What is a Sports Injury” in Sports Medicine (Jan2014) by Timpka et al. , the authors examine a set of nomenclature that will (hopefully) bridge the gap in communication. Because, when clinicians and patients understand each other, the potential outcomes and the overall satisfaction is significantly enhanced. And, when clinicians can more effectively communicate, the efficiency of care, documentation and outcomes improves. I encourage my clinical comrades to take a quick read!

On the clinical level, the article proposes:

quote-seek-first-to-understand_14845-0 (2)


Sports injury:
Loss or abnormality of bodily structure or functioning resulting from an isolated exposure to physical energy during sports training or competition that following examination is diagnosed by a clinical professional as a medically recognized injury.

Sports disease (overuse syndrome)
Loss or abnormality of bodily structure or functioning resulting from repeated bouts of physical load without adequate recovery periods in association with sports training or competition that following examination is diagnosed by a clinical professional as a medically recognized disease or syndrome

You can find the article on the Sports Medicine journal website: SportsMed Jan2014

So the next question that begs to be answered: What is “Sports Medicine”? 

Clinical Bike Fit Course – March 15-16 (Level 1)

Biomechanics of Cycling, Bike Fit Skills

& Physical Therapy Interventions

—Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, Novi, MI.—

We are very excited to announce our next education course to be hosted here at Adams Sports Medicine, and it is geared towards one of our biggest passions: cycling, and the optimum fit of the cyclist and bike. Please read on…space is limited to approximately 8 clinicians, so be sure to contact BikeFit to register as soon as possible. Please let us know if you have any questions!



Adams Sports Medicine Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting at Adams Sports Medicine, with focus on foot/shoe/cleat interface.

BikeFit Clinical Bike Fit Course hosted by Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy (Novi, MI).

Clinical BikeFit Pros have two certified fitting levels: Level 1 and Level 2. This course hosted by Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy is a Level 1 course, which is dedicated to the hands-on skills necessary for road bike fitting in the clinical setting. Expect to get greasy. This class includes functional diagnosis of cycling pathologies and overuse syndromes associated with cycling. You will develop the hands-on skills necessary to fix the mechanism of injury occurring on the bike. The foot-pedal interface is a key component to this class and focuses on adjusting the cleat in fore-aft, medial-lateral, rotation, canting and elevation as appropriate for the specific cyclist. This class focuses on road fit but includes aspects of mountain and tri as appropriate.

Plan on extensive HANDS-ON training, with special emphasis on the important Foot-Pedal Interface. Time will be spent on assessment of normal and pathological cycling mechanics, including functional differential diagnosis, as well as problem solving & training for appropriate adjustments on the bike for cyclists. Clinical considerations (billing, time, marketing) for bike fitting in a clinical setting.

Dates: (Saturday March 15th • 8:30am – 6pm & Sunday March 16th• 8am – 5pm)

Audience:  This weekend course is geared towards the healthcare professional, such as Doctors, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, etc.


    • Paul Swift, Owner – BikeFit Systems, and an 8-time National Elite Track Cycling Champion.
    • Brian Adams, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Elite level cyclist and BikeFit Pro.

CEUs: 18 contact hours available. Continued support is provided after the course is completed. E-mailed educational tips and helpful hints, along with other premium benefits will be provided upon completion of the course. Phone consultations with instructors will also be available.

Registration:  Call 425-821-7237 ext #104, e-mail [email protected]

For more information and for registration, please contact BikeFit at:

See the Clinical Bike Fit course flyer here:

For questions about Adams Sports Medicine, how to find us, or where to stay, please call our clinic at 248-513-3003 or email: [email protected] 

Cost: $800 per person ($200 registration deposit required, with final payment due one week prior to class). If you would like to repeat (audit a class), cost is $275. Class size is 8 students with 4:1 student to instructor
ratio. Call or email now to reserve your spot as the seminar spaces fill quickly. Please note: all attendees will be offered a $5 coupon for our online course with their course registration.  If you complete the course prior the training date, we will deduct $100 from your balance due – an actual savings of over $200!



Biomechanics of Cycling, Bike Fit Skills & Physical Therapy Interventions
@ Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy, Novi, MI.

The fundamental goal of this class is to further the understanding of normal and pathological movement patterns of cycling. As physical therapists, we tell patients to “ride a bike to get some exercise and take pressure off your joints.” However, that may not be as simple as it sounds.  As humans, we are asymmetrical creatures. Yet, we place ourselves and our patients on very symmetrical bicycles. Thus, the dilemma from the least experienced cyclist to the most advanced racer.

For a brief introduction, please see the BikeFit overview page here:

Therefore, the objectives of this class include but are not exclusive to:

1) Understand the basic biomechanics of cycling (static and dynamic assessment).
2) Identify patterns of motion that indicate inefficiency and potential pathology.
3) Identify and Associate the significance of physical therapy testing (manual, static,
dynamic) procedures to cycling biomechanics.
4) Bike Fit Skills: Learn how to alter the bike to better accommodate the patient’s
biomechanical needs, including stem length/angle, seat height, seat fore-aft and
handle bar position.
5) Identify specific foot types and unique LE architecture and their implications in
cycling biomechanics.
6) Bike Fit Skills: Learn how to address the foot/pedal interface to accommodate the
patient’s biomechanical needs, including fore-aft, rotation, medial-lateral and canting
of the foot.
7) Discuss the role and relevance of OTC inserts & custom orthotics for cyclists.
8) Discussion of the triathlete position versus the “comfort position” and it’s relevance
in performance.
9) Building a relationship with a local bike shop.

We hope you enjoy this class as much as we enjoy teaching it.

Physical Therapy + CrossFit = Symbiosis

Education and collaboration on form/technique. Physical Therapy + CrossFit

Education and collaboration on form/technique. Physical Therapy + CrossFit

For the numbers of people who have visited our clinic here, one of the first things they notice is the adjoining “warehouse” behind the clinic. Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy is located in a “flex space”, which in commercial real estate, simply means an office/showroom adjoining with a manufacturing or warehouse space. About a year ago, the now-owners of CrossFit Novi (Jason Ritchie and Phil DiPrima) put a plan in motion to renovate the abandoned warehouse into something very useful: a crossfit “Box”. At the same time, I was negotiating with the property owner to secure the front office space.


Within months, the Renascence began. And so did the symbiosis.


And the relationship between sport/science/rehabilitation became so evident, and the relationships between coaches, athletes, patients and clinicians began to form. There is a lot of sharing of knowledge, support and education. One of the strengths of CrossFit Novi is their camaraderie, their support of each other and their community. It has been a blessing to be a part of this, and we are pleased to be a supporting roll in their growth…and in growing our business in a synergistic way. The ability to work side-by-side with local athletes, and the ability to consult and educate in an Athletic Training Room atmosphere is priceless.

Core Stability training for a CrossFit Novi Athlete

Core Stability training for a CrossFit Novi Athlete

An article was recently written by a fellow doctor of physical therapy Dan Pope, and shared by one of my favorite professors from Grand Valley State University, Barb Hoogenboom. It is a very well written piece about the positive relationships of sports-minded physical therapists working in a symbiotic nature with crossfitters and the cross fit scene. You can read the article here:

Not all CrossFit boxes are the same. Not all physical therapists are in-tune with the needs of their athletes and their return to sport requirements. Regardless of your stance on crossfit, or your feelings towards physical therapy, their is value in each when utilized in isolation…and in our collaborative model here at ASMPT and CFN, their is added value in a symbiotic relationship!


Application of RockTape for a CrossFit athlete.
Application of RockTape for a CrossFit athlete.

UM-Flint Physical Therapy Program…DPT/PhD !!!

UM-Flint PT graduate researchers



UM Flint DPT Program

UM-Flint's Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT)

UM-Flint’s Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy (t-DPT)

I have to say it: I truly loved the time spent studying for my doctorate (2008-2010) at the University of Michigan – Flint Physical Therapy Program. What I thought it would be…what it was…and what is has meant to me…these things have all morphed over the years. One thing is for sure: I made friends and met professionals that have shaped who I am today.


Recently, these things have come full circle: upon the recommendation of some of the UM Physical Therapy professors, I have been able to provide some in-service/lectures at our Annual MPTA Fall Conference (which has been a blast!). I was excited to share my perspective on the UM PT t-DPT program in a recent update of the programs website. And I have undergone one of the greatest shifts in my career, with the urging/support of one of my former professors-turned-mentor (Dr. Jamie Creps, PT), I have spent this past year diving head-long into private practice … and have been the most excited, happiest (and wide-eyed with fear) clinician I have ever been in my life.


And this week (Thursday), I have the honor of returning to UM Flint to have an engaging yet informal chat with 60 of their doctorate students on ENTREPRENEURSHIP and how it applies to today’s physical therapist. It’s exciting to get back to UM Flint and promote our profession, and in turn to be a part of the energy that surrounds the best of our professional students and soon-to-be colleagues!

Martin Vecchio Photography

Martin Vecchio: professional photographer

We had a remarkable guest in our “house” today….Martin Vecchio of  Martin Vecchio Photography.  He came to do a photo shoot for promotional and instructional photos of our clinic and treatments. With the help of my friend and crossfitter Lisa E., and a half-a-day’s worth of shooting, we pulled off a remarkable cache of photos.


I figured the process would fall somewhere between Martin with his iPhone 5s shooting stills and snapshots….to something out of an Austin Powers movie (need a refresher?):


[youtube href=””]

What I experienced was so much more. He is organized, calculated, and efficient. Better yet, this guy is AWESOME at what he does: taking pictures that capture the essence of the moment, or even more-so, influences the moment. His studies of light and it’s affect on his subjects is nothing short of perfect. And in the realm of perfection, you could tell that Martin was working hard in his mind to get the right shot, right light and capture the scene without getting bogged down in the process.


What made the process more interesting was how interested he was in what we do here in the clinic and our evidenced-based thought processes behind treatments and modalities. I’d like to think that he came away from the experience well-versed in what we offer our patients and athletes here at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy!


As we continue to grow our practice and our presence in the Novi community and  surrounding areas, we look forward to utilizing Martin’s expertise in showcasing what we do here at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. His photos will also assist in educational materials that we utilize in presentations to other health care professionals, local students and our colleagues.


If you are interested to hear more about what Martin can do for you with some professional photography, start by checking out some samples of his work in HOUR Magazine (Here and Here) or on his website.



[email protected]