Adams Sports Medicine Bike Fitting

BikeFit Level 1 Clinical Course November 15-16, 2014

BikeFit Pro Level 1 Clinical Course

Adams Sports Medicine Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting at Adams Sports Medicine, with focus on foot/shoe/cleat interface.

November 15 – 16, 2014 – Novi, Michigan
Combined Clinical/Non-Clinical BikeFit Pro Level 1 Education

Join BikeFit PRO Instructor Dr. Brian Adams, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS to learn the complete, biomechanically sound system to treat individual comfort and efficiency issues with any of your customers, no matter their experience level. Learn why the foot/pedal interface is the foundation for a great bike fit, and the area where most overuse injuries can occur. At this two-day seminar, you’ll learn repeatable, simple and proven techniques that can make the most impact for your customers.


Level One is dedicated to the hands-on skills necessary for road bike fitting in the clinical setting. Expect to get greasy. This class includes functional diagnosis of cycling pathologies and overuse syndromes associated with cycling. You will develop the hands-on skills necessary to fix the mechanism of injury occurring on the bike. The foot-pedal interface is a key component to this class and focuses on adjusting the cleat in fore-aft, medial-lateral, rotation, canting and elevation as appropriate for the specific cyclist. This class focuses on road fit but includes aspects of mountain and tri as appropriate.

Bike Fit

Medical Bike Fit at Adams Sports Medicine


Registration Information:

Cost = $800 per person*

*All attendees are given a coupon code to take BikeFit’s online course ahead of time. If completed
course fee is reduced to $700 (Save over $200!)

Please email [email protected] to register

Sagittal View of the Cyclist

Sagittal View of the Cyclist