New Window Coverings

WE are very excited about our new perforated window coverings that were installed on our outside windows this past week. We worked very hard to showcase some of our local athletes and capture the essence of our clinical focus at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy.

One Soul Graphics in Livonia, MI (WEBSITE) did a great job pulling this project together, and now that the Michigan weather has finally begun to break, they seized the opportunity to put the large displays up effortlessly.

Special thanks to Martin Vecchio (WEBSITE) and Bob Bruce (WEBSITE) for allowing us to use their images.

A huge shout out to some of our local athletes that were included in our shots:

  • Elite/National Level cyclist Danielle Mullis, who has had massive success on the velodrome and on the road, racing locally, nationally and internationally at the highest level.  An all-together awesome athlete with an amazing family around her.
  • Lisa Edwards, local CrossFit athlete and friend that has been around since our first days. She has awesome energy, a very positive personality, a great friend and is a huge ambassador for what we represent here in the clinic.
  • One of our nationally ranked CrossFit athletes Alexis Raptis, who was one of the top 10 CrossFit Teens in last year’s World Championships. Stemming from her years as a gymnast, she has an amazing work ethic and a passion to push herself to the highest limits. She has been a ton of fun to work with, and we love to watch her grow (and stay healthy!) in her sport.
  • Our own Dr. Hannah DePaul, PT, as an elite swimmer and captain on the University of Michigan Women’s Swim Team, a member of the UM and Duke Tri Teams and an amazing triathlete (and mountain biker 😉 ) She provides amazing service and treatment to our athletes and patients, and then continues to race and train alongside them outside of work!

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