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New Window Coverings

WE are very excited about our new perforated window coverings that were installed on our outside windows this past week. We worked very hard to showcase some of our local athletes and capture the essence of our clinical focus at Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy. One Soul Graphics in Livonia, MI (WEBSITE) did a […]

BikeFit Clinical Level 2 Course

We are excited to host some of the best and brightest clinicians from around the region to our BikeFit Clinical Level 2 Course, taking place Saturday and Sunday (February 20-21, 2016). The course builds off of the BikeFit Level 1 course, taking a comprehensive look at performing a concise bicycle fitting for your athletes and […]

National “Ride your bike to work” day: 5-15-15

As part of May being “National Bike Month”, the impetus to get out and ride your bike to work happens tomorrow! Get out an ride. If it’s not tomorrow, then Monday.  Not sure what route to take…? Try riding to your work on a saturday morning as a “dry run”. Drop off extra clothes or […]

National Athletic Trainer’s Month

In sports medicine, the health care team is comprised of many different specialist … combined to deliver optimum care for our athletes. March is National Athletic Trainers Month. In our clinic, we embrace the eclectic team approach, and have been lucky to work with one of the areas finest licensed athletic trainers: Shingo Matsubara, ATC, […]

FAST Event: Hosted by TRIAD Performance Training

To all of our Triathlete friends and FAST athletes: Sunday, March 1st (tomorrow) is an event hosted by TRIAD and supported by Adams Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy and Tri-Covery Massage and Fitness. It will be fun and informative, with hands on and discussions from all of the resident professionals. Hope to see you there! […]

Yoga for Cyclists/Athletes

We advocate for our athletes to take on a mobility/flexibility regimen. A perfect adjunct to the daily grind is a series of yoga positions, or vinyasa-type flow of one move to another. Take a look at some of these yoga positions/movements demonstrated by Abi Carver. Although (in the description) these are geared towards moto, they […]

BikeFit Pro Level 2 Clinical Course 1/31 to 2/1/2015

BikeFit Pro Level 2 Clinical Course 1/31 to 2/1/2015 We’re excited to announce the next bike fit course that we are teaching this coming weekend, January 31 to February 1, 2015. This will be an advanced course for Certified Level I BikeFit pros. This course is specifically detailed and catered to the clinician working in sports medicine, […]

Taking better care of your athletic body…

Jim Vance wrote an interesting piece on the TrainingPeaks website this fall. It outlines 10 of the more common “self destructive” things that we do as athletes. He directs it to endurance athletes, but this can apply to just about any athlete that is conducting focused, intensive and repetitive exercise as their dive head-long into their […]